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Technology ยป Digital Panoramic Radiography

What is Panoramic Radiography?

The panoramic radiography provides a continuous radiographic view of the lower half of the face using a technology derived from computerized tomography (CT). The panoramic radiographic view allows the dentist to detect and diagnose diseases and abnormalities that would go otherwise undetected through conventional intraoral radiography. The panoramic radiography is less intrusive than the conventional intraoral radiography and can be used with handicapped patients, children or patients that cannot open their mouths. Last but not least, to provide the dentist with the same information, the panoramic radiography exposes the patient to less radiation then the conventional intraoral radiographs.

    Why Digital?

    The digital panoramic has the same advantages over the film panoramic as the digital intraoral radiography has over the film intraoral radiography:

    • It is environmentally friendly: requires no film and no chemicals
    • Instant images allow for immediate feedback and less waiting time
    • Provides better resolution than the traditional film
    • With the help of digital image enhancement techniques it further increases the diagnostic accuracy allowing the dentist to detect problems in early stages and prevent them from aggravating
    • It further reduces the patient exposure to radiation
    • Allows the patient to visualize the issues himself and better understand the issue and the treatment 

Kodak 8000 Digital Panoramic System

The Kodak 8000 Digital Panoramic System uses the same technology that is used in the the RVG 6100 digital radiography system to offer unsurpassed image resolution using the the Kodak Dental Imaging Software is one of the best medical image applications.